Science Communication Workshop

March 2012, Portugal

This is a 2 day, hands-on, intensive and highly practical workshop where I will be working with the participants to help them explore how to sell ideas when one is not in the room.

Together will we examine:
> how to overcome barriers to getting things done ahead of time
> what creates impact
> how we sell ideas using advertising strategies
how brains think and evaluate ideas on paper
> the use of binary decisions for product improvement
> value of well delivered peer feedback

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If You’re Thinking It – You Could Be Doing It

Give space, form and structure to your ideas with a Make Time Count workshop. 

Join us for this one day transformational and 100% practical workshop that will have you taking purposeful action and creating results the same day.

Many people carry in them tremendous ambition and potential yet choose to play small. In this intensive and highly practical workshop, I will take you on a systematic journey into creating success you want NOW using carefully selected tools and techniques from my 1:1 work with clients across corporate, social and creative industries.

Participating in this event will help you:
> gain clarity, create a systematic plan and momentum for real results
> identify strengths and what specifically you need to succeed
> learn individual and group brainstorming techniques
> create a realistic action plan to test drive your idea, product or service
> meet like-minded people and join a group of doers
> seriously accelerate your success and wellbeing
> make time count!

Whether you want to accelerate or change your career, start or expand your business, or simply desire to increase your productivity this workshops is for you.

Workshop dates:
Saturday, June 23rd 9-17:30
Deadline to register: May 1st
To register email:

Saturday, September 29th 9-17:30
Deadline to register: August 5th
To register email:

Cost: £195 
(includes workbook and workshop tool set, Strength Finder assessment and catered lunch and snacks)

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