I’m faced with a big pile of paperwork that is not particularly inspiring to tackle. How to get going with tasks that move from one day to the next is a big challenge for many people I work with and for me.

And here’s one answer that works. Giving yourself 30 seconds in which you imagine the outcome and joy of reaching the end – the satisfaction and the juice of having whatever the task no longer crowd your to-do list. Then starting right away before you give your mind the chance to create yet another excuse. And pronto!

Do a little then take a break. Start again. Do as much as possible, take another break when it feels right. And so on and so on. Each time building resilience, energy and trust for being able to start. Like a muscle. Until the whole thing is finished. Try it. However far you get, you will be further than you are now. Completion anyone? You bet!

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  1. Ilkay

    Hi, I met you yesterday at AFKLM workshope and enjoyed it vey much. Will be following your blog from now on! Thanks Ilkay

    • Administrator

      Thank you Ilkay. I look forward to your comments and ideas.

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