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Have you ever sat and listened to a presenter and wished that they would just keep on talking and opening up your mind to fascinating stuff which is not only backed up by research, but also highly practical in its application to your 1:1 and group coaching? It doesn’t happen very often, in my experience. Our speaker at the Association for Coaching’s event in London (19th March 2013) had over 80 of us buzzing with enthusiasm and curiosity to find out more…and she gave us more, and more, and even more than we could have dreamt of! Thank you, Magdalena Bak-Maier, for your generosity and skill in conveying a hugely valuable tool to help us coaches to fast-track our clients towards their dreams and goals. And congratulations on getting such great reviews on our event evaluation forms.

Kathleen Sullivan
London Regional Events Organiser, Association for Coaching; and Senior Lecturer, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Thank you very much for your presentation on the use of coaching as a means of helping people affected by stress in their work which you gave to the Spring meeting of the Society of Occupational Medicine, London Group earlier this month.
You presentation provided members with helpful insights into the coaching process and how this can be used to help someone understand the causes of their stress and their coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. As well as improving our understanding of a job coach’s role, you provided us with some useful tools we can use in our own practice.
Even some of my most cynical colleagues expressed appreciation of your presentation. No mean achievement!

Dr. Alan Swann
BM, FFOM Occupational Physician

On behalf of the APDG [Airline Personnel Discussion Group], I want to say a very big thank you for the excellent session you presented on Time Management and Effective Communication Skills at our recent meeting. The participants said the session enabled them to reflect on their own time management skills, focus on how to improve their own communication and overcome some of the barriers they face. The session was delivered in a very clear and effective way and you provided us with concepts that were not only relevant to our day to day working lives, but were also practical and easy to adopt. The time cards were a great hit with everyone and I have mine clearly displayed as a reminder to apply what you shared with us. The session left us energised and motivated and full of great ideas on how to effectively communicate with others and save time.

Nelun Barrow