Hi There,

Get Productive is an exercise book, a toolkit for achieving greater productivity on more satisfying terms not one day but soon – within days and maybe hours. So below is a table to help give readers navigational ideas and insights into how Get Productive workouts help people like you and I get results.

If you have done a workout in Get Productive post it on Amazon reviews or e-mail me (mbm@maketimecount.com) about it so that I can include you in this table. This way we can celebrate and acknowledge your achievements and help others develop and that’s what this is all about. And I will do my best to include your story in the updated edition to my book.

“Thank you for helping me systematically examine how I was seeing things. It’s clear that my boss had no ideas what I was thinking or what I wanted. Now I can speak with him and ask for what I want and strangely enough I actually think he will say yes!”

“The gold, diamond, lead exercises really helped me analyse my current job and realise that it’s time to move on. Without it, I would still be in the same job for another year. Thanks!”

“Doing the 4 cylinders has helped me manage my depression and anxiety and take corrective action to get me off the happy pills. I am for ever indebted to you. To think this was so simple and so powerful. Thank you.”

“The Time Travel exercise is awesome. I feel empowered knowing that the last three years have not been a failure at all. Everything I had done has been to get me to what I want actually even if the steps seemed small. Since we did that, I have been able to write down a clear vision of my future and I am so on my way!”

“Thank you for helping me understand how I continuously sabotage my romantic relationships. The Emotional code exercise is excellent. I now know that when I feel vulnerable, I build defences and push people I love and care about away so that they don’t disappoint me first. This is totally counter productive of course. Now my push away code has become “YOU MATTER TO ME!” code.”

“Barrier gliders helped me ask for a key promotion! I am now a Director and I love my work again and didn’t have to leave a company I really like working for.””My key message is teaching matters. Now I’m taking that forward nationally. Thank you.”

“Thanks for this simple and effective system. I am getting through my work smoothly and efficiently now and I actually get to leave work on time! I love your Power of Others strategy””Your productive questions are helping me heal a difficult relationship with my brother. Before our work, he and i have not spoken much for almost 15 years. And now I’m invited over to his place for a meal.”

“Thanks Magdalena, for helping us figure out we lacked a clear USP. Sales have almost doubled even though many similar outlets suffered.”

“With the feel good pill I have been able to totally wow my audience even though I was scared and worried whether my talk was good enough. I didn’t think it would work but boy am I glad I did it.”

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say I have read Get Productive from cover to cover even though you said not to do that, and then went back to three exercises and you have helped me turn wheels in my mind and unlocked very productive thinking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My life is in the last three weeks transformed. “