Hello fellow traveler!

You are here because you are exploring self-love, connection and passion.  The Courage to be You! summit hosted by Paula Gabriola will help you a great deal! And, while there, you discovered my work and offer of a Free Audio Gift.

heartonboardI loved the spirit of the project Paula took on from the moment she got in touch with me to take part. Its mission to help people discover love and passion felt bang on centre with my own efforts.

My work as coach, personal development guide and author has one common goal: to help people connect with themselves and others. What I noticed over fifteen years of practice is that when people dare to show up with heart, unnecessary suffering ceases. People who tap heart and mind as vital partners begin to live a life of true empowerment and success. I invite you to watch my youtube TEDx video to hear the story.


Increasingly individuals from all walks of life are seeking ways to connect to their hearts.  It turns out that to be and act like a “brain on legs” is just not all that satisfying!

Reclaim Love AudioIn fact, it’s a way to suffer life instead of thriving in it.

The Dalai Lama said “If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others”.

Now that’s a pretty good reason to start our navel gazing.  Taking time to discover what makes us special is key. We can’t believe in something we do not feel we own.

So, along with the interview I did with Paula, I wanted to offer you a FREE gift in a form of an audio recording you can use to help you “(Re)Claim Love for You!

In less than 6 min you will discover how to discover Love and put it to work for you! So why wait. Get in touch with your brilliance and power to thrive!


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