Get Productive eBook


Get Productive Ch.4 eBook

Pinpoint your key time drains with this original time-management exercise from Get Productive

Use this online Chp4 from the Get Productive book to trouble shoot your biggest time zappers, learn 13 proven productivity strategies that work in any situation and still have time to grab your lunch. Hey while you’re at it why not share what you’ve read with another person?

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Get Productive Ch.4 eBook

Work Out Where Your Actions Are Taking You with this Powerful Set of 13 Ultimate Productivity Strategies

This simple, effective time-management exercise from the book Get Productive is what started the whole project. By tapping into how our brains work out problems and find solutions, I have been able to teach people how to save time and achieve results in an hour instead of a whole day.

This exercise contains this full approach and will only take you few minutes to read and complete.

In the process you will save yourself many hours! So if you want to avoid constant interruptions, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and pesky behaviours that get in the way, then my exercise will come in handy.

The exercise will help you understand where you are currently spending your time and how you can devote time to something you actually want to achieve instead of focusing on what you don’t want.

Specifically, the exercise will help you

  • Identify key time drain
  • Clarify what you Do want
  • Learn and apply one of 13 proven productivity strategies towards your unique success strategy
  • Achieve your results quicker and with more joy.

You can do all this simply with some pen and paper while you browse Ch 4.


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