You can find more about me and my work through these press and media links as well as about me page:

The Times – October 2013, Talent Management Supplement, Know the signs of stress and avoid a breakdown by Charles Orton-Jones PDF

Natural Health Magazine – Nov 2013 – Holistic Secrets to Productivity, Life and Style Motivation Section

TEDxRussellSquare March 2013 Let your heart drive while your mind reads the road TEDx video

Training Journal – May 2013 Developing Talent for Organisational Leadership together with Chris Williams, NASA – link

London Student – Jan 2013

FelixHow to stop wasting time October 2012

Psychologies Magazine – How to get more done with Get Productive! PDF

HRDirector – Get Productive review “Get Productive is a call to focus and get things done with a more enthusiastic attitude.” PDF

Daily Express – 5 ways to get things done: beat boredom and overcome procrastination  PDF

ThirdSector– Get Productive review “The title of this book hardly makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning, but its author, the neuroscientist Magdalena Bak-Maier, knows how to give you a kick up the backside to get things done.” PDF

Entrepreneur Country – Get Productive review “A practical guide that counteracts the problem, provides insights into traditional and revolutionary ways to improve productivity.”  PDF

Women Unlimited – a  blog-article self-development programme for women entrepreneurs August – Dec

Women’s Health Magazine – Fall issue – Feature – PDF

Changing Careers Magazine – How to manage your career using diamond, gold and lead framework (pg 20), June 2012

Reporter, Imperial College London – How to boost your productivity, 24th May 2012

Wiley Capstone, Get Productive! Press Release (PDF)

Coaching at Work Magazine – How to help clients prioritise, March 2012 (PDF)

Reporter, Imperial College London – Harnessing Potential, 18th Feb 2012

Science Careers MagazineInterdisciplinary Collaborations: Clearing Hurdles, 12th Jan 2007