Mondays can be such a slog if you don’t wake up and commit to having an excellent day and a great week ahead. Who wants to feel like this? There’s a better way! And it’s called 100% commitment. Those familiar with Michael McIntyre, an amazing, energy powerhouse comedian will know what I mean. Notice how Michael enters a stage. It is not a slow crawl towards the mike. It is not a slow pace walk onto the stage. It is an explosion of fast charge to the edge of the stage, executed in a half circle with hands outstretched to connect with the audience and emanate energy, excitement and joy at the fun Michael invites and guarantees we are just about to have. It is 100% commitment. There is no way to execute a similarly powerful entrance with 75% or 60% or even 95% of energy and deliver the same result. When you step up, when you truly commit to letting the world know you, doing something you care about, sharing your skills and talents with others make sure you’re giving it your 100% in that moment.

So why not jump out of bed, stretch out your hands and celebrate that you’re here. Make your Monday for you and those around you the best possible day. There will never be another like it.

And if you haven’t had a laugh in a while – book to see some good comedy and invite some of your friends along :)-

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