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Do you experience moments of doubt or self-critique, knowing that you’re capable of more than you’re currently creating in your life or work? Maybe you’ve spent some time trying to put things right and failed to see desired results. It can be easy to believe that ordinary is no longer valued or accepted. Our society and culture put a lot of emphasis on extraordinary. Many people respond to this pressure by getting caught up in creating ‘success’ only to feel empty and suffer in the present in service to ‘someday’. In today’s world and business, more than ever before, it is easy to experience life as a struggle that exhausts and causes illness instead of one paved with ease that enlivens, gives meaning and permits authentic connection and love.Standing up to these expectations takes awareness, acceptance and learning to create success on healthier terms. There are many paths towards a more balanced and satisfying life that gives you all you ever wanted and more! Get Productive is one option. Those who master it, make a step-change. I’d like to invite you to try it.

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Current ways to experience Get Productive: Get Productive book – Get Productive Development Day (UK and EU) – Get Productive Wheel Skill Development Telecourse (Global) – Get Productive 1:1 work with Magdalena (Global) – Custom programmes (UK and worldwide) – Consultancy (UK and worldwide)
People who benefit from Get Productive:

  • seek results and time to enjoy them
  • wish to realize their aspirations
  • desire better work/life balance
  • may feel stuck but are ready to try something new
  • enjoy self-development
  • wish to start or accelerate their business
  • had a major life/work setback
  • struggle with confidence and courage to really go for it!
  • say they have a ‘time management problem
  • have a delicious goal but feel progress is too slow
  • want more from life
  • wish to learn how to find the extraordinary in ‘ordinary’
  • want to stop reading books and actually learn and create lasting change
  • need a bit of specific support
  • are learners and doers
Get Productive is a toolkit for the modern world. Based on a rational approach and present moment awareness. 
Get Productive will help you:

  • understand how your mind works so you can leverage it for success,
  • deepen your self-awareness
  • develop critical productivity skills for sustainable prosperity
  • create your success (doing)
  • enjoy the process (being)
  • bring your life to LIFE and make time count.

  • indispensible skills to get things done without exhausting
  • heightened self-awareness that facilitates success and self-love
  • healing of unhelpful mental constructs
  • learning to tap into inner critic and inner wisdom
  • increased control and ownership of what you create
  • courage to lead from inside
  • increased confidence
  • energy and drive to step into your life 100% and create what you want
  • access to a network of people who enjoy their life and are not afraid to live it.
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