If you’re visiting back, as promised here’s a first exercise from my upcoming book  Get Productive! You will find the self-contained exercise in the Productivity tab. I will be posting a new exercise every month until August when the book is released.

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These are links and resources that won’t cost you a cent but will give you a jolt of shivers and inspire you to aim higher.

Happy Life video for example! Watch it to the end.  Watch it often.
Inspired by the messages in this presentation, I have made my own list of items to help me build an extraordinary life. Download the PDF workout I created to help you add more happiness into your life and make those key changes. I bet you will walk taller, smile more and show up better with those around you purely by brining attention to these areas. Enjoy!

Ithaca poem by CP Cavafy is absolutely fantastic. To me it represents the call to adventure of any person out there, wise words for the journey and inspiration to have courage and faith that whatever lies ahead – the experience is worthwhile. I love Sean Connery’s voice on this video.

Letter to oneself: A workout I designed for my clients to help them examine their present moment in perspective of their inner child and wise woman/man they carry inside PDF.

Bradley Trever Greive Books: Explore this Amazon link to find out more.  I absolutely love them :)-

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Energy Management using Get Productive! 4 Cylinders Framework

Many of my clients struggle with energy. They feel drained, overwhelmed and in it up to their ears. Life seems busy as there’s an ever longer list of things to do. Welcome to the life of an overachiever, successful or budding entrepreneur, creative spirit or anyone out with a mission to create results.

The 4 cylinders energy exercise is a practice in noticing and mindfulness. It helps build resilience and control back into a busy life and helps guard energy before it depletes to dangerously low levels. Enjoy.

Get Productive! is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback.

GoalScape: electronic goal tracking software 

Many coaches work with clients using a “wheel of life”. For years I have been using a clunky paper and pen method so I was delighted to find this nifty programme and I am currently giving GoalScape a go to help me track my own goals and few of my clients. Stay tuned for what we think about it or explore it yourself.

Career Management using Get Productive! Gold, Lead and Diamonds Framework

If you’re anything like most ambitious and creative people I know, you will have many things on the go and long to do lists of tasks and projects to tackle. This is good! You clearly have idea and work to do. Now, what’s key is that the right work gets done at work including your own career management. In May 2012, I was asked to write an article on this topic for Changing Careers Magazine where I illustrate how to manage your career in a productive way (pg 20). Enjoy!


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Hello fellow professional coaches!

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for Coaching at Work describing two simple yet effective frameworks for working with clients on productivity. Both come from my book Get Productive but in this article I talk about how to use them in coaching others.

The first exercise will help you and your client identify what’s important and where to focus energy. It shows what to do and pitfalls to avoid.

The second will help balance and restore energy which is key for optimal performance.

Download the article (PDF) and if you put them to work in your practice please drop me a line to say how you got on.

Declare-it: electronic goal tracking software 

If you’re like me, you probably have clients that need that little bit of extra attention or as we sometimes say kick in the backside. Declare – it is an online tool that some of your clients may find useful around those more stubborn goals. The platform assists you in creating, tracking and being held accountable for your goals. You start by making a declaration and adding supporters. Your supporters are then notified of your declaration and get updated on your progress. They can encourage you and take part in your celebration of progress. For some this can be over the top, but I am planning to try this with programmes and co-coaching pairs at a distance. Stay tuned or try it out for yourself and let me know how you find it.

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Many leaders and those wishing to develop leadership skills are always on a look out for new tools and techniques to help them develop. After all, self-reflection, self-awareness and continuous learning are some of the hallmarks of an effective leader.

Some tools and instruments cost a lot. The Strength Finder 2.o which I have come across two years ago doesn’t. For less than £10 you can get a very comprehensive report of what your top strengths are and from my experience, the results are very accurate. Don’t expect it to tell you that you’re great at selling or negotiations. The 34 strengths are under more nebulous terms such as Ideation, Maximizer, Context etc. You can expect an immediate pdf report from it which will have a wealth of information and ideas of how you can put your talents to possible use.

I am in no way associated with this instrument by the way but I like things that work! I have found this tool extremely useful working with leaders and people wanting to develop their careers.  Equipped with the info from this instrument, we can create plans how to leverage skills clients were not always aware they had, for maximal results. The book which you can buy on Amazon contains an access key to the diagnostic. Be honest when you answer the questions though! The instrument is only as good as your answers.


I often create new programmes and get invited to lead short discussions to develop leadership thinking and recently I have come across a book by Bob Johansen entitled Leaders make the future which has a useful activity for assessing leadership across ten areas that he suggests will matter in an uncertain, complex, volatile and ambiguous world of today and tomorrow.
Working with leaders 1:1 and in groups, I think these while not exhaustive, are a good starting point to examine and was pleasantly surprised one can do so for free online. Leading in uncertainty is such a relevant area this is worth checking out and working with your coach.

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Business Model Builder

The Business Canvas is a great workout to help you systematically identify elements of your business you need to have in place to make things work. I use this workout with clients and we routinely review it and recreate it. The workout is based on the Business Model Generator book available on Amazon.

Many people who got this book also order Get Productive to help them get things done.

Get Clients Now Worksheet

The Get Clients Now is a free resource from C. J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now book about a 28-Day marketing program. This is the best book for entrepreneurs wishing to widen their pipeline of clients and build a stronger more lucrative business. I strongly recommend you get a copy of this book for yourself. I made regular use of it with my clients and what I have learned from it.

Productive Entrepreneurs: Toolkit for those that do too much

I have been invited by Women Unlimited to create a  blog-article self-development programme for women entrepreneurs.  Between Sept-Dec 2012, Women Unlimited readers will be able to:

  • step up their creativity and idea generation through Jungian Archetypes (part 1)
  • mine their entrepreneurial journey for powerful lessons and help plan ahead (part 2)
  • learn and apply powerful productivity techniques to convert insight and ideas into completed work (part 3)
  • develop their own strategies and learn tips for looking after themselves to avoid burnout (part 4).
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Follow the links to access.
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For more information on the Productive Entrepreneur Programme (PEP) or 1:1 coaching support please contact me.

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