Praise for Get Productive! 
“Get Productive is packed full of practical, insightful exercises, supercharging your energy to power through any productivity roadblocks.  It’s a refreshingly holistic approach which focuses on the producer as much as the product.  This book helps you find where your zone is, gets you in it and helps you stay there.  Guy Browning, The Guardian

Recommended book list
Here’s the top list of books I whole-heartedly recommend.  They have influenced my own thinking, productivity and how I show up.

  • 7 habits of effective people – Stephen Covey
  • The artists way – Julia Cameron
  • Taming your gremlin – Rick Carson
  • 28 days to discover the real you – Dennise Linn
  • Super coach – Michael Neill
  • Synchronicity: the inner path to leadership – Joseph Jaworsky
  • Leadership and self-deception – Arbinger Institute
  • Leadership from the inside out – Kevin Cashman
  • The Four Agreements– Michael Ruiz
  • Strength Finder – Tom Rath
  • Time Power – Brian Tracey
  • Sumo – Poul McGee
  • Never Hit a Jellyfish With a Spade – Guy Browning
  • Oh, the places you will go – Dr Seuss
Free Get Productive Workouts
Here’s a selection of developmental materials from my book Get Productive! to help you with your productivity.
I am making them available to site visitors for free so you can test them out. If you like what you see, please buy a copy of my book and spread the word about it. You can also write me a book review on Amazon.

Many thanks and enjoy the workouts.

Get Productive Exercises

1. Taking stock of your overall balance for top productivity that is sustainable (PDF)
2. Figuring out your key priorities using my diamond, gold and lead framework (PDF)
For more on this framework and how to apply it you can also check out the articles I write for Coaching at Work Magazine and Changing Careers Magazine in the Press pages.
3. Keeping track of your vital energy for maximal productivity on a daily basis (PDF)
4. ***Brand NEW!***
Time travel to show you where your actions are actually taking you  (Online E-book)