New models and ways of thinking and connecting in business are transforming the nature of work. More than ever before, individuals, managers and leaders are called upon to get in the driver seat and own their leadership in order to serve their business, client or employer.Passive mindset of showing up to be told, what to do, hope someone else makes the tough decisions or takes a risk to pioneer the way is a thing of the past. The world is filled with opportunities and exciting initiatives for those who can lead with clarity of vision, passion, integrity and effective strategies to get things done, build trust and lasting relationships.The rules are clear! Either show up, shape the agenda, engage and inspire others or resign yourself to being:
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  • overlooked
  • removed
  • retired

The CHOICE is YOURS and you can do something about this NOW!

Enough! is a personal leadership journey programme that will help you say Enough! to being tired, uninspired, and drained by your current circumstances and instead, help you take control of your present and your future.For a number of years, Magdalena Bak-Maier has ran leadership journeys for individuals across science, business and creative sectors to help individuals with ambition fly high, get entrepreneurs started, help creatives build those key initial success milestones as well as help all those who want to make a difference find their path.Having learned the ins and outs of what works in the real world through hundreds of hours training and coaching, and using the latest insights and tools from neuroscience, psychology of success and leadership and management development, Magdalena is now making these opportunities available to all those interested in stepping into their leadership with Enough!Join the 2-day kick off programme where you will:

  • Come face to face with where you are at the moment and what this is costing you
  • Create a clear flight-path for your future
  • Learn about the Get Productive Wheel™ to accelerate how you take control and create results
  • Own your life using CHOICE a structured process for transformational leadership.

This is a unique opportunity to focus on your leadership, vision, message, development as an entrepreneur, and creative person and building your flight path. Come to work with what you have and gain valuable tools to build the road map. Then go away and implement before you return to update us on your story and pick up further skills and relevant perspectives.

Say Enough! to what’s draining you and create your success NOW!

Register to experience Enough!
In order to provide a personalised experience, Enough! Journeys are limited to 10-12 participants.  

September 2013 – November 2013 – January 2014

Join a community of like-minded people with ambition, excitement and commitment to creating healthy, balanced, responsible and successful lives. Our community will give you the support you need to get started and you will gain the necessary confidence from what you create.

  • Follow up group and 1:1 support is on offer to programme participants.
  • Join our Facebook community of Enough! programme participants and graduates where you can connect, inspire and be inspired.
  • The programme is currently being offered in different cities and countries. If you would like to bring Enough! to your city, organisation or community please contact us.
“Thanks for devising such a well-thought-out-programme to get us going.  Lots to think about and seek to integrate-implement.  I am beginning to find the energy, hope and excitement I had 10 years ago and its a good feeling.” – Jane“I cannot thank you enough for the guidance and inspiration in 2011.  The programme has been a turning point for me and I appreciate the long lasting consequences of your teachings.” – Tom

“Many thanks for the weekend – plenty to take away for immediate action and lots to reflect on.” – Peter 

Enough!  Contact Magdalena.