Magdalena spoke recently at the Portsmouth Hospitals Research Conference. As a GP, it was inspiring to hear of successful strategies to reflect and effectively manage an ever demanding workload with multiple roles. As a result i am considering how Magdalena’s techniques could help in my own career development and day-to-day survival, as well as how she could help support our practice/businesses to thrive in an increasingly difficult environment.

Andrew WhittamoreGP

We had the privilege of having Magdalena deliver her keynote titled: “Improving Performance With Heart and Mind Coaching” during the IPSS annual conference in Amsterdam this year. The combination of her engaging presentation style,natural warmth and clear and concise way in which she presented her thought provoking content both inspired and motivated the audience. Leaving us all feeling enriched and wanting to be more thoughtful educators and people. Audience feedback was over whelminging positive with comments such as “Inspirational!!”, “Life changing” and “A whole new perspective on how to optimise learner and my performance” to name but a few.

David GrantPresident of International Pediatric Simulation Society

Fantastic! Amazing and motivating! I benefited from the programme much, much, more that I expected. Feel I’ve got the skills to move forward with the next steps of my career now. Very thought provoking. I enjoyed all of it and especially day 2 for helping everything slot into place for me.

Lesley HoneyfieldNHS Nurses Career Accelerator Programme

Literally life changing! This programme revealed problems I didn’t realise were there and that were holding me back. It gave me confidence and a positive approach to change aspects of my working life. I really enjoyed Magdalena’s way of presenting thought-provoking ideas, the interactive elements and the variety involved as well as her realistic and gentle approach to change.

Sharon-MarieHammersmith Hospital Health Managers Productivity and Career Accelerator

She is an inspirational and dynamic speaker. Her talk was well structured and she had authentic connection with the audience. Her topic was motivational and moving. I highly recommend Magdalena as a Public Speaker.

Reena RajPractice Manager / Primary Care at LGMC

Magdalena seems to know just how to reach her audience so that they sit up straight, take notice and listen intently as she feeds them pearls of wisdom to consider when looking at ones growth and development whether it be personal or professional…after she speaks, everyone feels a little closer to their dreams and renewed with energy to get started!

Kelly GleasonOrganiser - Annual Conference for Clinical Research Nurses