I sought coaching because I knew that the way I was working and living was not sustainable or life-giving. I entrusted the sacred task of coaching to Magdalena because I’d read her book: ‘The Get Productive Grid’. Her Grid method deeply resonated with me – at last a method that acknowledges that we are holistic beings. I knew here approach would not be one dimensional but whole and I was not disappointed. Over a course of 10 months, Magdalena compassionately listened, nudged, challenged and gave me tools to enable me to live a holistic life which I draw on especially in the moments when I see old behaviour patterns rumble up to the surface that seeks to dominate. Due to Magdalena’s input, I genuinely know what self-compassion looks like and feels like for me. Magdalena gave me the tools to choose differently. If you want to change and are prepared to do the work then Magdalena is the coach to help you bring that about.

Rev Grace BaverstockChurch Minister

“Magdalena is amazingly gentle yet really intense. We worked for six hours in total on our first session and in the end, I walked away with massive clarity, a vision board, and an action plan. I felt as if a ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders when we debriefed my collage. It was like ten years of therapy in one day. I walked away confident that while it would take work to rebuild my career and life I was up to the task. “


“I met Magdalena through a mutual connection. I was about to get back on antidepressants but I chose to work with her instead. It was tough and raw but so worth it! Today my life is far better than I could imagine. My relationship with my partner is strong and my team recently nominated me for a leader award. Magdalena coaches leadership from the inside out.”

MikeMedia & Communications

Magdalena won’t let you skirt around the edges. She goes for the jugular! I cried in our first session as she helped me realise that I was confident enough to sell a vision to world’s key leaders while being scared to let anyone get to know the real me. I escaped my loneliness by having a stellar career and being too busy moving around the world to develop meaningful relationships. Now I still move around but I have grown roots and people know Me! Thanks M.

AnneSocial Change Activist & Lawyer

“She touched the pit of my heart where I hid the pain of my divorce, loneliness, childlessness and feeling a failure given my age. She helped me see the light and step by step rebuild my image, my success as a professional and she helped me transform my relationship with my sister. Most of all she opened my eyes to the power of compassion and self-love so that I would never abuse myself again. Magdalena help me get Me back! I can never repay that gift.”

PatriciaBanking & Finance

“Magdalena is a provocateur. She inspired me to try dancing therapy and meditation. I can only say that in all our work, I grew and grew and discovered more of who I really was. It was overwhelming at times and sort of thrilling. I never thought I would risk my heart again but I did and met a great man. Her presence, wisdom, and humour are priceless. I miss our sessions now but I can’t truly purge her voice. When I’m in a tough situation or need of wisdom I often imagine being with her and the answer floats up from within.”

ElenoraSenior Roles Headhunter