[Magdalena] creates a real sense of safety and support as you take the time to reconnect to how things are for you in life at this moment.

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Sara, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

Magdalena’s retreat is so much fun, it gives you a space to open up to your true self. It gives you so much food for thought and allows you to really look at different aspects of your life that you may have never considered before. Magdalena has this amazing energy that I have never seen before and I think (and feel) that she is so good at what she does. It’s just a completely enjoyable day that you will not regret attending.

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Laura, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

It was a fun filled day, with a lot of opportunities to go deeper and find answers. Thank you!

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Dmitry, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

I found the heart and mind integration retreat a fantastic opportunity to take time out, to think, reconnect and plan what is truly important in life Magdalena is such an intuitive, wise, highly skilled and fun facilitator. Will definitely return to one next year.

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Fin, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

The work is fun and subtle yet powerful and intense. I found myself wholly integrated within the group as I have never experienced before. I had a real conception with myself and others which hasn’t shifted. I have fallen in love with myself and others again. I am on the journey of forgiven which is happening now through dreams. I am re energised and excited about my life and others. Amazingly powerful!

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Debby, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

I first came into contact with Madalena in 2010 after my self belief in my ability to deliver high quality research and teaching had been shattered. Being dignosed as having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder had created barriers in my mind which made it difficult for me to engage with students and researchers. Over many months Magdalena helped me to breakdown those barriers and to expand the range of social and professional interactions that I felt comfortable with. She showed great skill in identifying the right small, but challenging steps, I needed to take. The result was a journey in which I learned that many of the barriers that I thought existed were not real. For those that are real I have the capability of learning the skills necessary to overcome them. The result is that I now teach and work with people around the world with a confidence that did not exist before. Thanks to Magdalena I am aware of the limitations that my condition brings, but I am not defined by those limitations. Over the last few years I have occasionally met with Magdalena who has continued to support my development. The key thing I have learnt from her is that being scared of interacting with others is something that exists only in my mind and that I can overcome that fear. Thank you Magdalena.

Jonathan CarterEngineer and Professor Faculty Research Centre in Fluid and Complex Systems, Coventry University

I have attended several Make Time Count Retreats over two years. I will continue to attend these retreats to:

1. Take time for myself to reflect, heal, learn and grow.
2. Magdalena and Make Time Count team create a safe space to share with others.
3. Magdalena is experienced, kind, caring, knowledgeable and her skill set is varied which ensures you get integration work with neuroscience, leadership and coaching.
4. Magdalena is a genuine and real person. She doesn’t hide behind a mask so it enables participants to heal, grow and learn – extremely powerful.

Chris AndrewsMD Personal Touch Fitness

I sought coaching because I knew that the way I was working and living was not sustainable or life-giving. I entrusted the sacred task of coaching to Magdalena because I’d read her book: ‘The Get Productive Grid’. Her Grid method deeply resonated with me – at last a method that acknowledges that we are holistic beings. I knew here approach would not be one dimensional but whole and I was not disappointed. Over a course of 10 months, Magdalena compassionately listened, nudged, challenged and gave me tools to enable me to live a holistic life which I draw on especially in the moments when I see old behaviour patterns rumble up to the surface that seeks to dominate. Due to Magdalena’s input, I genuinely know what self-compassion looks like and feels like for me. Magdalena gave me the tools to choose differently. If you want to change and are prepared to do the work then Magdalena is the coach to help you bring that about.

Rev Grace BaverstockChurch Minister

“Magdalena is amazingly gentle yet really intense. We worked for six hours in total on our first session and in the end, I walked away with massive clarity, a vision board, and an action plan. I felt as if a ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders when we debriefed my collage. It was like ten years of therapy in one day. I walked away confident that while it would take work to rebuild my career and life I was up to the task. “


“I met Magdalena through a mutual connection. I was about to get back on antidepressants but I chose to work with her instead. It was tough and raw but so worth it! Today my life is far better than I could imagine. My relationship with my partner is strong and my team recently nominated me for a leader award. Magdalena coaches leadership from the inside out.”

MikeMedia & Communications