I was captivated by TGPG and ordered her book and started to use it right away. It has revolutionised my approach to productivity and work-life balance and I use it on a weekly basis. I am no longer reliant on long to-do lists!

When I keep recommending a book it must be good!

Buy the book and in less than 20 minutes you’re using the tool and inside 60 minutes you’re feeling pretty fluent in it’s use. The author’s emphasis on heart and mind in writing brings soul to this really practical and workable solution to being productive in an overscheduled world.

A productivity approach flows with how my mind naturally works

I can’t recommend the grid and this book highly enough. It’s no exaggeration to say it has transformed my life by giving me the ability to juggle the different aspects and demands of my life. I’m a working mum with a young family and a large hairy (exercise hungry) hound and my own business. I’m also half way through a postgrad MSc. in Behavioural Change and coaching.

The other reviews here describe really well the descriptively simple approach – I won’t spend time adding to that description but you can see from my photo of last week’s grid, roughly what mine looks like. Magdalena’s system has helped me gain clarity and identify, on a single sheet of paper, the things that are really important to me in a format that allows me to then create balance in how I tackle the things I’d like to do and the things I have to do I.e. how I carve out spending my time.

I’m now able to wear my many hats comfortably, with purpose, my progress is visible, manageable and suddenly things feel more achievable.

The book itself is easy to read, easy to follow and easy to implement. But don’t let this simplicity fool you – it’s that that makes it so accessible and useable.

I’m so convinced of it’s worth by the difference it’s made to my own life that I now “teach” its principles and recommend Magdalena’s book to my own coaching clients where they’re suffering from the effects of overwhelm or have feelings of imbalance in their lives. They too, love it!

If any of this resonates with you, I would highly recommend you hesitate no further – dive in and buy this book. It is truly fantastic and definitely has the power to change lives. Thank you Magdalena ♥️

A review for The Get Productive Grid book by M on Amazon.

Life Changer!!

This is officially my favourite book. I am a working mum, I have two toddlers and I am also a full time student. This book has definitely helped me get more productive . It provides very simple and practical steps that can help you utilise your time efficiently. Its also fun to read.

Everyone needs to buy this book