“I found this goal setting workshop really great! I loved the way I was taken out of my busy mind and guided into my heart to pinpoint what really matters to me. What I really liked was that we were shown how to simplify things, instead of over-complicating them as we often do. Enjoyable, insightful time for self where you meet interesting, like-minded people (in particular Magdalena who is magical!)”

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Laura Ashley

I recently attended Make Time Count’s Grid™ Goal-setting workshop which was so insightful! The workshop is unlike any goal or productivity workshop I have attended. It invites you to connect deep within and helps you work out what you truly desire. You’re then assisted to put this into small steps that make the work manageable and possible. I came in with an overwhelming list of dreams and I came out with a new relationship with all the activities, clarity and motivated to progress. Virginia.

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Virginia Nava, Entrepreneur

“Goal setting workshop: thinking about goals that will leave my life in a better place has already had the positive effect to spur a lot more self-reflection – tasks are truly not elements of a to-do list. It has quickly become so obvious, and valuable.”

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Barbara Noro

“I recently attended Magdalena’s ‘Goal Setting Workshop with Make Time Count’, which was such an inspirational session. I came away feeling energised and enthused with all my ‘Grid’ ideas. Thank you Magdalena, I love your approach to ‘making time count’!”

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Kate Inwood

I attended a Productivity Grid™ Clinic last week – I found it very useful, it gave me some good, practical ideas and inspiration on planning and evaluation of my time and energies.

There was also a useful discussion about procrastination and prioritization.

I definitely recommend this workshop.

Chris Sollett, Street Wisdom R&D

Chris Sollett, Street Wisdom R&D

The clear, expert leadership from Magdalena with the gentle, loving energy she brought to the day as well as the work we were tasked with made it a truly unique, insightful and beneficial day.

Kathrin Guerin, NHS Manager

I loved the simplicity and power of this online retreat. Magda did an amazing job of making difficult things simple!!… Loved the work. Loved the sincerity of the people. And the small group format to work with.

Dmitry Gurov, Positive Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator

Nice flow, break out rooms, still able to connect with everyone and really allowed great conversations/work virtually. You were able to get really comfortable in your own space in your home.

Chris Andrews, Personal Fitness CEO

The Virtual Retreat is amazing. It exceeded my expectation for a online meeting and for the results I got. Strongly recommend you to do it.

Vanessa Martin, Events Expert

Magdalena’s work cleanses what seems to trouble you or block you in any way and she will help you find the key to a balanced lifestyle.

Rebecca Obadia, Film Maker and Storyteller