Magdalena’s retreat is so much fun, it gives you a space to open up to your true self. It gives you so much food for thought and allows you to really look at different aspects of your life that you may have never considered before. Magdalena has this amazing energy that I have never seen before and I think (and feel) that she is so good at what she does. It’s just a completely enjoyable day that you will not regret attending.

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Laura, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

The work is fun and subtle yet powerful and intense. I found myself wholly integrated within the group as I have never experienced before. I had a real conception with myself and others which hasn’t shifted. I have fallen in love with myself and others again. I am on the journey of forgiven which is happening now through dreams. I am re energised and excited about my life and others. Amazingly powerful!

Find out more about the Heart & Mind Retreats.

Debby, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

I recently attended Make Time Count’s Grid™ Goal-setting workshop which was so insightful! The workshop is unlike any goal or productivity workshop I have attended. It invites you to connect deep within and helps you work out what you truly desire.

Virginia Nava, Entrepreneur

I can honestly say that the 14 Day Habit Builder works! This tool has helped me to change the way I think and process life and work events and helped me learn how to control my emotions.

Laura, Academic, Mother, Expat

I loved the simplicity and power of this online retreat. Magda did an amazing job of making difficult things simple!!… Loved the work. Loved the sincerity of the people. And the small group format to work with.

Dmitry Gurov, Positive Psychologist, Coach and Facilitator

I attended the Grid retreat because I have a serious lack of focus (I mean serious lack). The Grid tool… helped me get clarity on my use of time and purpose.

Mr TC (Tarlochan) Gill

I have attended several Make Time Count Retreats over two years. I will continue to attend these retreats to:

1. Take time for myself to reflect, heal, learn and grow.
2. Magdalena and Make Time Count team create a safe space to share with others.
3. Magdalena is experienced, kind, caring, knowledgeable and her skill set is varied which ensures you get integration work with neuroscience, leadership and coaching.
4. Magdalena is a genuine and real person. She doesn’t hide behind a mask so it enables participants to heal, grow and learn – extremely powerful.

Chris AndrewsMD Personal Touch Fitness