“Magdalena’s grant writing course at ITQB, Portugal, was an eye-opener! Her presentation was clear, interesting and well organized. She pointed out many items that we usually don’t remember as being important to catch the project reviewer’s attention! I really enjoyed how she organized the sessions, how she interacted with the participants, and I would like to recommend her grant writing course to other institutions. ” IBET/ITQB, May 2012

Tiago Bandeiras

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Time Management workshop. Already it has made such a difference to me. I liked your theory about just tackling one thing. I tried it at home last night and I got so much more done!

At work I am getting more done too. There is still an overload but after out office and team move next week this will be different and more manageable. So I am optimistic and hopeful. I have your wonderful cards on my desk and I look at a different one each day.

LindsayGrant Research Office

After our session with Magdalena, my team came out stronger and more determined than ever to achieve a good service to our customers. As well as bonding more as a team through enjoyable exercises, we were able to get down to some serious discussion about what we wanted to change and how we would go about doing that. Magdalena helped us to identify team wisdoms and team characteristics which we will now use as both a personal and group guidance system to carry us forward. These characteristics will enable us to maintain our effectiveness as a team, they will also periodically be used as a barometer to measure ourselves against. All in all we collectively agree that the session highlighted what we’re good at, while also enabling us to identify strategies and tools to allow positive and empowering personal and team progress.

MarilynHead of Acquisitions and Metadata