Magdalena is simply incredible! I took The Grid Training course and it was amazing. I have attended her retreats as well on The Grid. The Grid has made possible for me to balance work, purpose and my personal life.

Virginia Nava Hieger on working with Magdalena Bak-Maier

I found your coaching provided me with different perspectives and was very helpful to develop my presentation (in particular concerning the story, engagement and delivery) for my ERC interview. Thank you!

Minh-Son Pham – ERC Interview Coaching

I had a very uplifting experience while working with Magdalena

DudaProfessor of Neuroscience

This morning I was invited for the ERC interview round! Thank you so much for helping me get this far. Your feedback was crucial in bringing the proposal to “the next level”, and without it I very much doubt I would be where I am now.

Diogo Oliveira e SilvaProfessor of Mathematics

She is just the sort of coach staff find helpful – she is approachable, enthusiastic and full of good ideas that go with the grain of the application. With her heartfelt and intelligent heart & mind approach she nurtures talent and builds confidence so people demonstrate that they can be leaders and winners. Her work has a bottom line too. She has helped my staff attract over £6M pounds in funding.

Peter CawleyHead of Department Mechanical Engineering Imperial College London

I succesfully applied for a £2M research fellowship with Magdalena´s help at the interview stage. Magdalena came highly recommended by several colleagues who had been successful in obtaining the same grant after being coached by her. Magdalena critically helped me to shape my vision and pitch (slides, delivery, etc). She really helped me to aim high and not be afraid to do so. My presentations, the way I prepare and deliver them, were massively changed forever

Monica Bettencourt-DiasDirector Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia (IGC)

I was most fortunate to cross Magdalena’s path at the right time for my career and personal development. She coached me when preparing for my EPSRC Established Career Fellowship interview and she revolutonised my way of thinking about delivering a talk to non specialists in my field of expertise. Incredibly focused and hard-working she just seems to know exactly what people interviewing for grants and senior positions (she also boosted my confidence for my Professorship interview) want to know. Her scientific background helps enormously – she effectively helped me extract the key messages I wanted to communicate. To cut a long story short, we nailed it and I got my £1.5M grant and my Professorship! I would recommend her to any of my colleagues who need coaching for important interviews. I have no doubt she is one of the best in the circuit.

Daniel DiniProfessor Mechanical Engineering

I came to Magdalena feeling I was drowning in work, struggled with prioritizing and finding focus and also having to deal with a one-year-old kid at home. I’ve done courses before but coaching was amazing. I no longer feel stuck and frustrated. Thank you for helping me get on top of my work and securing two consecutive promotions.

How Grid positively impacts productivity and work-life balance for academic women
LucyFemale Academic

I coach entrepreneurs and business people and I came to Magdalena because I saw her give a workshop for coaches in London. I needed to get a handle on my own productivity and her warmth and shrewd observations hit deep. Our work was life-changing. I can seriously say our work helped save my marriage and grow my business.

IanPerformance Coach

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Magdalena for over five years and she has been an excellent sounding board and instrumental to my professional development. Her strategies for team productivity have helped me and my team to really make time count. She has certainly helped me to convert ideas into meaningful strategies that deliver the required results.”

Tim Ruthven, Head of Marketing, Imperial College Business School

Tim RuthvenHead of Marketing and Communications