I had a very uplifting experience while working with Magdalena. With her coaching, I was able to overcome the big impasse of getting my head around a complicated and not easy-to-interpret data. I could see a clear path of how I could wrap up the data into a coherent story and place it in a bigger context.

DudaProfessor of Neuroscience

This morning I was invited for the ERC interview round! Thank you so much for helping me get this far. Your feedback was crucial in bringing the proposal to “the next level”, and without it I very much doubt I would be where I am now.

Diogo Oliveira e SilvaProfessor of Mathematics

I was most fortunate to cross Magdalena’s path at the right time for my career and personal development. She coached me when preparing for my EPSRC Established Career Fellowship interview and she revolutonised my way of thinking about delivering a talk to non specialists in my field of expertise. Incredibly focused and hard-working she just seems to know exactly what people interviewing for grants and senior positions (she also boosted my confidence for my Professorship interview) want to know. Her scientific background helps enormously – she effectively helped me extract the key messages I wanted to communicate. To cut a long story short, we nailed it and I got my £1.5M grant and my Professorship! I would recommend her to any of my colleagues who need coaching for important interviews. I have no doubt she is one of the best in the circuit.

Daniel DiniProfessor Mechanical Engineering

Magdalena very fast gauges the expectations of the people. Accordingly she suggests how to and what to pitch in. She helped me in expressing my research vision to people from different scientific backgrounds and in giving me the confidence needed for a successful interview.

Prof. B. PalEngineer

The Producer/Product system Magdalena worked through with me has been excellent at helping me learn to balance work and family requirements with my own well-being. It’s fantastic!


Before working with Magdalena I was stuck in a cycle of having great plans and dreams but not achieving results. Our work showed me what I was doing wrong and helped me focus on tangible actions. I am amazed at the results I have achieved in the last few months! Thank you!