I can honestly say that the 14 Day Habit Builder works! This tool has helped me to change the way I think and process life and work events and helped me learn how to control my emotions.

Laura, Academic, Mother, Expat

I now have new ideas, new habits I plan to integrate in my daily life with the help of the knowledge and tools the 14-Day Habit Builder has given me.

Maja, Researcher & Health/Clinical Psychologist

This great challenge helped me learn that I can change and improve the way I work. I also learned that having a specific goal in terms of relaxing (watching a movie, doing some activity with my family, reading a book) helps me keep the commitment.

14D Testimonial 7

I realized that my goal was too ambitious for a 14-day habit challenge but am now more aware of what I want to change and how to maximise the desired result.” 

14D Testimonial 6

The 14 Day Challenge helped me notice my trigger points when I’m spending money. I now have a plan I can stick to. This activity brought more awareness into my actions. Very powerful!”

14D Testimonial 5

“The thought of not screaming or being violent towards my daughter for 14 days helped me stop this bad habitI am now embarking on more 14 days :-) All the time we were together was better without me losing my temper. 

14D Testimonial 4

With the 14 Day Challenge I managed to create an habit of regularly reading scientific papers (so that I keep updated in my research area). This is what I always wanted to do but somehow could not achieve before. Now I can just keep this up!”

14D Testimonial 3

“The 14 Day Challenge helped me stop reading e-mails from 21h00 to 07h00 of the next day. It was really good how this small detailed impacted on the way I use my time.”

14D Testimonial 2

“I started following the plan and reading every day what was my commitment. So I planned my day and my tasks according to it. I filled in the 14-day sheet every day to understand how I was doing. The general feeling was of happiness and fulfilment, because I could finish my tasks and still had time to do other things unrelated to work, which lately I was unable to do. Thank you so much!” 

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