“I met Magdalena through a mutual connection. I was about to get back on antidepressants but I chose to work with her instead. It was tough and raw but so worth it! Today my life is far better than I could imagine. My relationship with my partner is strong and my team recently nominated me for a leader award. Magdalena coaches leadership from the inside out.”

MikeMedia & Communications

Magdalena won’t let you skirt around the edges. She goes for the jugular! I cried in our first session as she helped me realise that I was confident enough to sell a vision to world’s key leaders while being scared to let anyone get to know the real me. I escaped my loneliness by having a stellar career and being too busy moving around the world to develop meaningful relationships. Now I still move around but I have grown roots and people know Me! Thanks M.

AnneSocial Change Activist & Lawyer

“She touched the pit of my heart where I hid the pain of my divorce, loneliness, childlessness and feeling a failure given my age. She helped me see the light and step by step rebuild my image, my success as a professional and she helped me transform my relationship with my sister. Most of all she opened my eyes to the power of compassion and self-love so that I would never abuse myself again. Magdalena help me get Me back! I can never repay that gift.”

PatriciaBanking & Finance

“I have had the privilege of being coached by Magdalena for over five years and she has been an excellent sounding board and instrumental to my professional development. Her strategies for team productivity have helped me and my team to really make time count. She has certainly helped me to convert ideas into meaningful strategies that deliver the required results.”

Tim Ruthven, Head of Marketing, Imperial College Business School

Tim RuthvenHead of Marketing and Communications

“Magdalena is a provocateur. She inspired me to try dancing therapy and meditation. I can only say that in all our work, I grew and grew and discovered more of who I really was. It was overwhelming at times and sort of thrilling. I never thought I would risk my heart again but I did and met a great man. Her presence, wisdom, and humour are priceless. I miss our sessions now but I can’t truly purge her voice. When I’m in a tough situation or need of wisdom I often imagine being with her and the answer floats up from within.”

ElenoraSenior Roles Headhunter

Fantastic! Amazing and motivating! I benefited from the programme much, much, more that I expected. Feel I’ve got the skills to move forward with the next steps of my career now. Very thought provoking. I enjoyed all of it and especially day 2 for helping everything slot into place for me.

Lesley HoneyfieldNHS Nurses Career Accelerator Programme

Literally life changing! This programme revealed problems I didn’t realise were there and that were holding me back. It gave me confidence and a positive approach to change aspects of my working life. I really enjoyed Magdalena’s way of presenting thought-provoking ideas, the interactive elements and the variety involved as well as her realistic and gentle approach to change.

Sharon-MarieHammersmith Hospital Health Managers Productivity and Career Accelerator

The 2 day Career Accelerator programme with Magdalena has seriously helped me to review my career and how to manage myself tomorrow. How to get the best out of my past and how to look at myself honestly and assess what I need to do. To take responsibility for myself and show me how to improve. An excellent programme!

Anil SharmaGet Productive! Career Accelerator Programme

“It is hard to express in one or two sentences how good Magdalena is – however, I will say the following: Magdalena is not your average ‘presentation guru’ – she is a world leader in her field. Consequently, working with Magdalena makes a REAL and CONSIDERABLE difference. My time spent working with Magdalena was characterised by a succession of ‘wow’ moments – where her insightful to-the-point suggestions would raise a presentation slide, or a verbal response, to a completely new level. I would recommend Magdalena in the strongest possible terms, and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Peter VincentLeader in Aeronautics

Thank you very much for your presentation on the use of coaching as a means of helping people affected by stress in their work which you gave to the Spring meeting of the Society of Occupational Medicine, London Group.You  presentation provided members with helpful insights into the coaching process and how this can be used to help someone understand the causes of their stress and their coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. As well as improving our understanding of a job coach’s role, you provided us with some useful tools we can use in our own practice.
Even some of my most cynical colleagues expressed appreciation of your presentation. No mean achievement!

Dr. Alan SwannBM, FFOM Occupational Physician