We had the privilege of having Magdalena deliver her keynote titled: “Improving Performance With Heart and Mind Coaching” during the IPSS annual conference in Amsterdam this year. The combination of her engaging presentation style,natural warmth and clear and concise way in which she presented her thought provoking content both inspired and motivated the audience. Leaving us all feeling enriched and wanting to be more thoughtful educators and people. Audience feedback was over whelminging positive with comments such as “Inspirational!!”, “Life changing” and “A whole new perspective on how to optimise learner and my performance” to name but a few.

David GrantPresident of International Pediatric Simulation Society

“I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Magdalena in Sao Paulo – Brazil. I did not know her and had few expectations. At the end of the day, I was pleasantly surprised. It was amazing. The concepts passed in a simple, direct and highly functional way enchanted me. The new approach she brought to our famous TO DO LIST was immediately implemented in my routine. I recommend everyone to know the proposal and use it. You’ll be surprised just like me.“

AnadellI Soares BrazPartner DTD Brazil

“Magdalena was one of our keynote speakers at our AEG CONNECT Summit 2018 – our global company conference hosted at The O2 London.  She delivered a fantastic session to 600 employees on ‘Building a bridge to a healthier you and a better us’. The inspirational session focused on her book the Get Productive Grid and was a great way to focus the audience to think of what’s important in our lives to maintaining a great work-life balance, whilst being more productive at work. 300 of our senior leaders from across the globe were also given the book and we have since received extremely positive reviews mainly that that they enjoyed the neuroscience and coaching approach, and they all have some new strategies to apply for own personal developments.  Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you again soon.“

Kirstie LoveridgeSenior Vice President, Human Resources AEG

“Thoughtful, insightful, inspirational, magnetic and motivating” were some of the words that my team used to describe Magadelena after a career accelerator bootcamp in Paris. Originally, I was recommended to Magdalena through a good friend for a New York Times’ Women’s Network session. Her background on paper was already impressive, but it’s rare to find someone with a combination of such incredible credentials AND who is candid, charming and sincere. After our initial conversation and her statement of work, I knew I wanted to work with her for this and other events. She is a deep, compassionate listener who sees below the surface to get to the crux of what you’re trying to say. She took time to really understand who we were and what we needed before developing the session. The session was bespoke to us, was able to speak to all levels in the room and left people feeling energized, refreshed and motivated. I truly believe her session benefited both the employees as well as the organization.“

Meagan Adele LopezGlobal Digital Director New York Times

I came to Magdalena feeling I was drowning in work, struggled with prioritizing and finding focus and also having to deal with a one-year-old kid at home. I’ve done courses before but coaching was amazing. I no longer feel stuck and frustrated. Thank you for helping me get on top of my work and securing two consecutive promotions.

How Grid positively impacts productivity and work-life balance for academic women
LucyFemale Academic

I coach entrepreneurs and business people and I came to Magdalena because I saw her give a workshop for coaches in London. I needed to get a handle on my own productivity and her warmth and shrewd observations hit deep. Our work was life-changing. I can seriously say our work helped save my marriage and grow my business.

IanPerformance Coach

As a medical doctor and a mother, my life can be incredibly hectic. Magdalena helped me get on top of my many roles and I simply love her Grid system. Thank you for your patience and humour. I think back to our sessions and I giggle inside. You brought sunshine into my life and the people I serve and love.

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I sought coaching because I knew that the way I was working and living was not sustainable or life-giving. I entrusted the sacred task of coaching to Magdalena because I’d read her book: ‘The Get Productive Grid’. Her Grid method deeply resonated with me – at last a method that acknowledges that we are holistic beings. I knew here approach would not be one dimensional but whole and I was not disappointed. Over a course of 10 months, Magdalena compassionately listened, nudged, challenged and gave me tools to enable me to live a holistic life which I draw on especially in the moments when I see old behaviour patterns rumble up to the surface that seeks to dominate. Due to Magdalena’s input, I genuinely know what self-compassion looks like and feels like for me. Magdalena gave me the tools to choose differently. If you want to change and are prepared to do the work then Magdalena is the coach to help you bring that about.

Rev Grace BaverstockChurch Minister

This is officially my favourite book. I am a working mum, I have two toddlers and I am also a full time student. This book has definitely helped me get more productive . It provides very simple and practical steps that can help you utilise your time efficiently. Its also fun to read.

You definitely need to buy this book.

A review for The Get Productive Grid book by an Amazon Customer on Amazon.

Everyone needs to buy this book

“Magdalena is amazingly gentle yet really intense. We worked for six hours in total on our first session and in the end, I walked away with massive clarity, a vision board, and an action plan. I felt as if a ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders when we debriefed my collage. It was like ten years of therapy in one day. I walked away confident that while it would take work to rebuild my career and life I was up to the task. “