This great challenge helped me learn that I can change and improve the way I work. I also learned that having a specific goal in terms of relaxing (watching a movie, doing some activity with my family, reading a book) helps me keep the commitment.

14D Testimonial 7

I realized that my goal was too ambitious for a 14-day habit challenge but am now more aware of what I want to change and how to maximise the desired result.” 

14D Testimonial 6

The 14 Day Challenge helped me notice my trigger points when I’m spending money. I now have a plan I can stick to. This activity brought more awareness into my actions. Very powerful!”

14D Testimonial 5

“The thought of not screaming or being violent towards my daughter for 14 days helped me stop this bad habitI am now embarking on more 14 days 🙂 All the time we were together was better without me losing my temper. 

14D Testimonial 4

With the 14 Day Challenge I managed to create an habit of regularly reading scientific papers (so that I keep updated in my research area). This is what I always wanted to do but somehow could not achieve before. Now I can just keep this up!”

14D Testimonial 3

“The 14 Day Challenge helped me stop reading e-mails from 21h00 to 07h00 of the next day. It was really good how this small detailed impacted on the way I use my time.”

14D Testimonial 2

“I started following the plan and reading every day what was my commitment. So I planned my day and my tasks according to it. I filled in the 14-day sheet every day to understand how I was doing. The general feeling was of happiness and fulfilment, because I could finish my tasks and still had time to do other things unrelated to work, which lately I was unable to do. Thank you so much!” 

Find out more about the 14 Day Habit Builder Challenge.

14D Testimonial 1

The feedback from the session has been universally positive – everyone really appreciated it and I have been inundated with glowing feedback for you. The Dublin office were on the video conference and were also very positive about the session. Well done and thank you!
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Olivia HendrickMarketing Director Hiscox UK

Magdalena was invited to give a Grant Writing Workshop for professors and researchers at the Faculty of Psychology. This was new for most of us and since Magdalena uses a holistic psychological approach to science productivity I must say that some researchers went to the workshop with doubtful thoughts in their minds….After all we are all psychologists to start with, what could she teach us? It turns out the workshop was a huge success! In a very professional and yet enjoyable way, Magdalena took us through a series of very simple but revealing exercises that not only allowed us to clearly identify each one’s strong and weak points but also prompted many of us to get started on our grant proposals. In sum, we benefited a great deal from the workshop, it was a definitely worthwhile investment and I would strongly recommend it to other research institutions.

Mario Carvalho Botto FerreiraProfessor of Psychology, University of Lisbon, Portugal

I had the pleasure of experiencing a make time count workshop with Magdalena in Jan. I found the workshop and her new tools transformationary. Magdalena was appropriately challenging in a calm yet motivational way. She has wonderful skills and a natural art at helping you get the best results for yourself. I cannot wait to work with her again. Plus her book is a must read!

Claire HardingCommercial Capability Controller Lucozade