I first came across The Get Productive Grid 7 months ago, when Magdalena Bak-Maier spoke at a virtual conference I attended.

I was captivated by TGPG and ordered her book and started to use it right away. It has revolutionised my approach to productivity and work-life balance and I use it on a weekly basis. I am no longer reliant on long to-do lists!

I love the fact that it’s adaptable and very visual and I’ve been able to make it my own, so it works for me, rather than me having to fit into someone else’s system. It’s great to focus on the things that attract my energy without forgetting the other things I have to do! And most importantly, I’ve stopped feeling guilty about taking time for ‘self-care.’ I find myself naturally recommending it to clients (I’m a Career Coach) and also to friends and family.

I highly recommend The Get Productive Grid.

A review for The Get Productive Grid book by an Amazon Customer on Amazon.

When I keep recommending a book it must be good!

[The Grid Introduction training] is a course I’d hugely recommend to anyone looking to find more balance and joy in life.

Kate Inwood, Grid Introduction Training

[Magdalena] creates a real sense of safety and support as you take the time to reconnect to how things are for you in life at this moment.

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Sara, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

Magdalena’s retreat is so much fun, it gives you a space to open up to your true self. It gives you so much food for thought and allows you to really look at different aspects of your life that you may have never considered before. Magdalena has this amazing energy that I have never seen before and I think (and feel) that she is so good at what she does. It’s just a completely enjoyable day that you will not regret attending.

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Laura, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

It was a fun filled day, with a lot of opportunities to go deeper and find answers. Thank you!

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Dmitry, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

I found the heart and mind integration retreat a fantastic opportunity to take time out, to think, reconnect and plan what is truly important in life Magdalena is such an intuitive, wise, highly skilled and fun facilitator. Will definitely return to one next year.

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Fin, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

The work is fun and subtle yet powerful and intense. I found myself wholly integrated within the group as I have never experienced before. I had a real conception with myself and others which hasn’t shifted. I have fallen in love with myself and others again. I am on the journey of forgiven which is happening now through dreams. I am re energised and excited about my life and others. Amazingly powerful!

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Debby, Heart & Mind Retreat Participant

The Get Productive Grid is written with such clarity – simple, easy and quick to assimilate and the system for productivity flows so beautifully with how my mind naturally works.

Over the years I have tried a range of different approaches to professional and personal organisation, but there has always been a sense of “squeezing my brain into a straight jacket” and of compromising some of the creativity and flow to fit into a system – rather than it being a natural flow or fit. I am much more a mapping person than a linear thinking person and this TGPG enables this spatial sense of organising themes, tasks and actions, whilst giving this neat visual balance as an overview of how you are working inside yourself and in the world around you. It helps me see the balance between work and personal life and instantly shows any imbalances.

From a Myers-Briggs perspective as a picture thinker, strong introvert, ‘work-now-play-later’ and perceiver this is just so good for me. Because of the emphasis on bringing heart and mind together it also helps me balance the thinker-feeler aspects of me too. It lets me also see my own bias towards working “in my own head” vs interacting with others, and builds in degree of autocorrect for me. This is particularly helpful in the current disconnected times of Covid.

I am a coach and therapist by profession and I can see this not only as personally very helpful, but across a wide range of client needs too, it has enough linearity to adapt across a range of thinking styles. The moment that you ‘download’ what’s in your head onto paper it helps reduce pressure and get a realistic sense of what you have ahead of you. It helps you avoid personality-type biases and it helps you free your mind to think and feel clearly. The way that you can use the grid for both visioning and longer term goal setting as well as your monthly, termly, weekly and daily action-planning is awesome. It also adapts well to either working on paper or electronically. Overall it’s a really adaptable system, which is most brilliant in its simplicity.

Buy the book and in less than 20 minutes you’re using the tool and inside 60 minutes you’re feeling pretty fluent in it’s use. The author’s emphasis on heart and mind in writing brings soul to this really practical and workable solution to being productive in an overscheduled world.

A review for The Get Productive Grid book by Mr. Will Thomas on Amazon.

A productivity approach flows with how my mind naturally works

“I found this [Grid] goal setting workshop really great! I loved the way I was taken out of my busy mind and guided into my heart to pinpoint what really matters to me. What I really liked was that we were shown how to simplify things, instead of over-complicating them as we often do. Enjoyable, insightful time for self where you meet interesting, like-minded people (in particular Magdalena who is magical!)”

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Laura Ashley

I recently attended Make Time Count’s Grid™ Goal-setting workshop which was so insightful! The workshop is unlike any goal or productivity workshop I have attended. It invites you to connect deep within and helps you work out what you truly desire. You’re then assisted to put this into small steps that make the work manageable and possible. I came in with an overwhelming list of dreams and I came out with a new relationship with all the activities, clarity and motivated to progress. Virginia.

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Virginia Nava, Entrepreneur