The goal getter bootcamp has helped me clarify my goals, provided tools and resources to achieve them.

The goal getter bootcamp has helped me clarify my goals

I find the socials super supportive and they help me to reignite my goals!

Kate Inwood on the Goal Getter Bootcamp

Anything designed by Magdalena is worth checking out.

John Huerta on the Goal Getter Bootcamp

The Goal Setting Bootcamp taught me how to define realistic goals that are in line with my work pace.

Gozde Ince on the Goal Getter Bootcamp

The whole workshop was incredibly moving and inspiring and reminded me of the importance of paying attention to all parts of ourselves to feel truly integrated.

Dr Ariana Jordan on the AICTP integration workshop

Magdalena’s delightful accomplished style of coaching creates a welcoming safe space

Sally Roberts on Mind Body Spirit Integration with Magdalena

Magdalena has a wealth of knowledge and underpinnings so there was a real sense of being in the hands of someone who really knew her stuff

Liz Hall on the Coaching at Work workshop

I had the pleasure of attending a talk/workshop led by Magdalena last week, and it stood out for me amongst all the other good talks at the conference that day

Alice Cooper praise for Magdalena Bak-Maier

I can honestly say that Magdalena’s Get Productive GRID is an invaluable tool.

Katie Conley on the Get Productive Grid

Magdalena is an engaging speaker, her spirit and energy are uplifting and infectious.

Elizabeth Holt on working with Magdalena Bak-Maier