Where neuroscience is used to empower and create beautiful lives.


This simple, powerful programme is based on my experience of leading people towards empowered and better lives, one heart and mind at a time using practical insights into how the brain and body work.

The key things people lack is focus, balance and the ability to go the distance. The DaVinci programme offers a proven framework to ensure that you concentrate on what’s important and shape your life to reflect your deepest aspirations. It combines teaching you key ideas and helping you apply them to your life. Each month you will get your pack delivered directly to your mailbox. In short chunks of between 5-20min, you will take practical, tangible and determined steps to shape your future. And, you will learn how to live from your heart and shine.

If your days just keep going by, it is time to make time count!


The time we have to live is limited and the clock never stops ticking. People spend years of their lives simply thinking about taking action and before they realise, it is too late. But, doing things haphazardly will not help you achieve your goals either. The key to success is on planned, informed and consistent action.

Over the next 12 months, I will help you create concrete meta level actions that will change your life step by step, month by month, one action at a time. We will do this by learning powerful lessons about the brain so you can apply them to your success. If you master these lessons you will indeed travel far.

I know results take time to be achieved. I have walked down this road with people for many years. And yet, lives can be changed in an instant with focus, resolve and action powered by heart and mind alignment. I can provide you with the insight needed so that you can change your life.

A year can go by very quickly. Before you realise it, the last 12 months have become an amalgamation of wasted opportunities. But with the Da Vinci course, you will be taking a step further towards your goals everyday. Seize this opportunity!

The inspirational Leonardo Da Vinci.


Da Vinci is one of the idolised fathers of the Renaissance movement. The Renaissance was a period of innovation, critical thinking, modernisation, flourishing and exploration.

Da Vinci was a man of excellence and infinite curiosity for the world around him. It is thanks to Da Vinci and the forward thinking culture of the Renaissance that we are currently experiencing such a prosperous and ever-changing world.

The definition of a multi-talented genius (polymath), Da Vinci is widely acknowledged as one of the best painters in human history and probably the most well-known around the world with paintings such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. He was also a reputable scholar, inventor, scientist and anatomist amongst other things.

He is truly inspirational even amongst famous historical figures and his excellence shows what human passion is capable of. Which is why everyone should strive to become a bit more Da Vincian every day!!

Turn over your hourglass!


Many people live their lives like an hourglass where the top half is the mind and the bottom half the heart.

Years are spent allowing the sand of rationality, fears, and comfort to smother their dreams, never truly setting out to achieve what they want.

It is very easy to fall into this trap and allow the sand of the mind to keep pouring on your aspirations. But, although this life may be easier, it is not fulfilling.

The Da Vinci course will allow you to override your limitations and inspire you to take action. The course takes a systematic approach, tackling relevant topics each month and gradually helping your reverse this negative pattern.

Turn over your hourglass and pour your heart out!

How the course works.


The course begins with a Foundation module to introduce your the course and help you discover how easy and fun it is to empower yourself by learning this way.

Then, we delve into 12 months of meta level themes based on my famous: Get Productive Wheel framework for accelerating results and magic. Some folks call it “Rocket Fuel” (I did teach this stuff to NASA).

It’s time to work on what you want to have. Discover in doing and being that life favors those who take purposeful action, make success happen one step at a time and turn time into a friend.

Also, our Da Vinci Facebook community is our place to share stories and deepen the work if you wish to join. It is a great platform to boost your results and to find likeminded individuals whom are willing to help you on your journey.


It costs one meal out or just £25 per month.


We spend money on clothes, going out, fancy cosmetics, magazines and countless other junk that quickly fades.Why not invest some money your dreams?

£25 is an achievable stretch on a modest UK income and dispensable change for those earning higher salaries.

The course provides:

  • £2500+ worth of training you’d need to learn this stuff in person
  • Wisdom from more than 125 books
  • Years saved on having to work it all out by yourself
  • my tested effective practices from over 10 years of client practice

No matter how you look at it, it is a great deal. My goal is to be fair and ensure all who want to discover the work can do it!
If you are in extreme circumstances and can’t afford the fees, get in touch with your story.

What you’ll get each month?

  • Specific mission based on my Make Time Count yearly calendar.
  • Short motivational recording that helps to set the context for the mission and it’s relevance to a life where one thrives and feels content.
  • My powerful thematic workout to stimulate reflection and plan actions.
  • Critical tutorial for how to take action based on latest research and practical insights on how to actually do it!
  • Links to related videos and further resources that will help support progress.
  • Access to a group of like-minded DaVinci participants where I will of course drop by to help!

What do you need to do?

  • Dare to believe your life is for you to shape through your thinking, being and doing.
  • Supercharge your productivity with focus on specific missions proven to take people far.
  • Listen to a 5min recording anywhere you are.
  • Complete the PDF workout wherever you want.
  • Watch the monthly tutorial if you feel you need it.
  • Take 1 concrete and powerful action in step with your confidence at the time.
  • Share your story and results to help empower others if you wish.
  • Ask questions or obtain help should you need it! We are here for you!
  • See yourself on a road to Happy because life does love you. Isn’t it time you dared to love you too?


  • Sense of control over your destiny instead of feeling swept by life.
  • Clarity about what you want and don’t want.
  • Strategies for how to get what you want.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Ability to control your emotions and thoughts instead of having them control you.
  • Increased resilience.


  • Feeling truly empowered and cherished and not having to fake it.
  • Life going your way more often.
  • People wanting to work with you and help you.
  • Loving who you are and feeling confident.
  • Being able to enjoy the moment yet have long-term stability.
  • Shaping conditions that favor health, peace, joy and bliss.

Make time count, begin the Renaissance of your life!

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