We encounter moments in life when the world truly seems our oyster. The decision becomes ours and we get to own the decision and the consequences. Today I would like to share with you a poem I wrote inspired by an interaction I have had with a good friend of mine and a fantastic lecture I attended by David Pearl.

What do you do when you’re presented with perfection
when the angel of your desire touches your heart and shows you that everything you imagined, everything you dreamt about is waiting for you.
All you have to do is step over a threshold of your ego and claim it.
You take a deep breath. You peak nervously through a narrow opening and yes indeed, there it is waiting for you, calling you towards it.
I believe in you. Have faith, is says. Trust yourself.
The decision is yours.
Whatever you do, you know the opportunity was there. It was yours.
You had a choice.
Deep down you believe that each person has such a moment and yours is now.
It makes the world seem fair and just.
Some get the winning lottery ticket, others get love, an important insight, or a cure.
A small wonder. An opportunity. A gift.
It is now your turn.
Your desire and conviction for your dream are tested.
You curse the timing.
For a moment you hate fairness.
It would be so easy to go through life without it.
Easy to pretend you were ready to show up when life didn’t.
Easy to make visits to your dream and grow it in your mind.
And yet here you are faced with it.
All you need is the courage to claim it for yourself.
You’re aware of the fleeting time and opportunity.
The pressure inside you grows.
And fear grows with it.
Somewhere in the shadows a voice makes you doubt your dream.
You can’t. You shouldn’t. You won’t make it. It says.
You don’t deserve it.
The energy of the offer blinds you.
You wish you could close your eyes and realise you were only dreaming.
And yet here you are in the presence of your dream.
It is waiting for you.
An offer. A gift.
A recognition of your greatness and potential.
You can never go back and say you have been unlucky.
That you had it tough.
That others got the breaks and you didn’t.
It is your moment.
Whatever happens next is all up to you.
So, what happens next?

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