• Heart & Mind Integration Retreats

    Align your Mind, Heart, Body and Spirit

  • Supercharge Your Goal Setting in 30 Days

    Tap into the being and doing that makes you Thrive

  • DaVinci

    12 Months to Feeling Alive

red-dotTHE HEART

Emotional and body intelligence grounded in the senses, intuition and feeling. What we yearn for and require to feel safe, loved and experience connection and meaning.

purple-dotTHE MIND

Conscious mental processes connected with our thinking, problem solving and ability to conceptualize things.


Heart and Mind fusion is achieved when a person is able to consciously integrate heart and mind within and facilitate similar integration in the external world.


Developing People and Organisations for Outstanding Results

MTC supports and develops professionals wanting to realise outstanding results at work or in personal life through increased self-awarness and strategies that balance results with well-being. All MTC work focuses on being true to self as this is the source of inspiration, power and satisfying results.

MTC’s unique approach combines scientific rigour with artful creativity and the latest in personal development. Every client receives individually tailored starting point evaluation and tracking tools based on established methodologies, on-going support, as well as access to special events and the MTC network.

At MTC we dare clients to be honest, set higher standards, act on it and inspire those around them to also step up. This is not easy. It’s not always comfortable. But it is real and effective. It builds clarity, conviction, confidence and inner resourcefulness. It helps people from different backgrounds and professions to create and sustain momentum to act. It develops inner wisdom and self-belief that empowers action. It’s a major shift. And, it’s great fun too!

Whether corporate or personal, MTC is development based on scientific approaches and a passion for the power and magnificence of the individual; great intuition married with in-depth personal or institutional analysis; optimism shaken with realism and spiked with enthusiasm and motivation for authenticity, excellence, results and success – not someday but today, right now!

Self-development is crucial for success and it’s important to make the right investment. MTC will help you reap amazing results because you will be working with and conditioning your whole self to act in peak state.