We all need a coach.

When it comes to high level performance having someone we can be truly vulnerable with is vital. Working with someone we can trust with our life though is transformative. When we have no doubt that the person working with us is as dedicated to our success as we are, and sometimes more so, we can’t help but step up! In 2015, I was an APCTC Life Coach of the Year Finalist which is a bit like the Oscars for coaches.


My track record

For over ten years I have worked with true champions across science, engineering, medicine, arts and business to help them achieve the impossible:  to recognize and own their brilliance. Behind the external appearance of success sit insecurity, doubt and unhealthy pressure that makes us sick. But there is another way and I have found it.

What I give my clients is what the best Olympic coach gives their star performers: unconditional love and heart to claim their spotlight with confidence that is grounded in humility and grace instead of well masked insecurity. From this place, they become masterful leaders and people you want to follow and work with.

  • down-to-earth,
  • relatively informal,
  • highly pragmatic and leadership focused
  • results-oriented
  • holistic
  • integrative (mixing coaching, therapy and counselling)
  • compassionate
  • provocative with good deal of humour

My coaching blends learning and awareness building with action. It is most similar to coaching an athlete. What this means is that we nurture your total being through a living practice. Where appropriate, I help you learn new skills. In fact we drill them.

  • facing what is
  • finding what’s marvelous about/within the person
  • pinpointing true talents, aspiration and needs
  • identifying sabotaging habits and behaviours
  • conditioning personal leadership through responsibility and accountability
  • acknowledging and celebrating success

I believe our minds are our natural healers. Today’s busy world has diminished our ability to hear our inner wisdom. With practice we can restore our energy and brilliance into balance and harmony with the world around us and our inner goodness without turning into monks. It’s what I help you do.

  • merging personal and professional development,
  • aligning true passion and longing with inner brilliance,
  • well-being and satisfaction with being an artist of life,
  • turning goals, aspirations and vision into serving the world,
  • creating results that give the only real feedback,
  • nurturing independence and ability to mentor others

In essence my focus is on aligning heart, mind and spirit that work respectfully with your physical body. You can count on me to be honest, to stretch your capability and help you realise your potential.

I integrate a vast richness of approaches in my coaching. These include: neuroscience, positive psychology, solution-focused coaching, NLP, humanistic psychology, conflict management, mindfulness, systems theory, leadership and team development, somatic work, CBT, Time to Think, practical philosophy, internal systems family therapy, early attachment theory, constellations, conflict resolution, existential philosophy, and of course my own heart and mind connection model which I have shared with over 1500 practitioners.  I tune into my client’s learning style and work from there. And I design activities that stretch their awareness, experience and world.

I have always had a coach myself. I share my work with professional colleagues through masterclasses and workshops for professional associations such as AC and BPS. And, I devote one month out of my year to learning from world experts so that my practice evolves and grows in mastery. All this and more is here to serve you.

I remain on a journey to stretch my leadership and how my talents and skills can serve the world. Here are a few examples:

  • running an institutional experiment on the “triple benefit of talent” in Portugal
  • serving as Vice Chair of AICTP and helping organise the first national conference on integrative practice
  • conducting research and developing original tools and models others can use in education, coaching and personal development to create wellbeing and aid productivity
  • coaching and training some of the leading scientific minds of today and tomorrow
  • founding and building my own company so we can amplify this work across the world
  • writing books to provoke people back into reflection and agency about their lives.

Working across disciplines, inviting people into more compassion and refusing to fit the proverbial ‘pigeon hole’ if definitely not easy. For me however, it links with contributing to a fairer and more peaceful world.

I devote one month a year to my own development. Here’s this year’s key activities.

  • Having my own coach – could not do without him 🙂
  • Sharing my work at world class expert events such as IRWC global conference
  • Learning with world experts Psychotherapy 2.0 online summit
  • Further deepening my learning with Attachment Mastery Programme provided by Dr. Diane Poole Heller
  • Deepening my models and work by studying complimentary approaches: Constellations, Ashridge  Business School, June 2017
  • Having a coaching supervisor to give me space to reflect on my practice and develop my profession.

In addition, I love reading professional coaching, self-help and business books and review a good number each year. I’m also working on a novel and love good fiction that makes one think about life. For book recommendations please join my mailing list.

You may want to read the Q&A below before you make contact.

Before working with Magdalena I was stuck in a cycle of having great plans and dreams but not achieving results. Our work showed me what I was doing wrong and helped me focus on tangible actions. I am amazed at the results I have achieved in the last few months! Thank you!


“I have had the privilege of being coached by Magdalena for over five years and she has been an excellent sounding board and instrumental to my professional development. Her strategies for team productivity have helped me and my team to really make time count. She has certainly helped me to convert ideas into meaningful strategies that deliver the required results.”

Tim Ruthven
Head of Marketing and Communications

Magdalena was sensitive, patient and gave me immediate sense of trust. We not only worked through my work issues that were draining me but also examined my overall well-being. I am now more balanced and I have learned powerful lessons from our work together. I am definitely more effective and more aware of my own needs. I have greater self-belief and feel positive.


“She touched the pit of my heart where I hid the pain of my divorce, loneliness, childlessness and feeling a failure given my age. She helped me see the light and step by step rebuild my image, my success as a professional and she helped me transform my relationship with my sister. Most of all she opened my eyes to the power of compassion and self-love so that I would never abuse myself again. Magdalena help me get Me back! I can never repay that gift.”

Banking & Finance

Magdalena is an incredibly perceptive coach – she can articulate what is going on very quickly to get to the heart of the matter.

Using a very warm and supportive approach, Magdalena brings an expertly used range of tools, theories and intuition to help and challenge her clients. She is 100% with you every step of the way.

I found Magdalena’s coaching to be incredibly valuable, helping me to grow in confidence and get ready for the next challenging step in my career, and also to re-evaluate myself and develop new, more effective perspectives on my career and relationships.

I would definitely recommend Magdalena as a coach!

Tracey Stead
Independent Training Consultant & Facilitator

“I met Magdalena through a mutual connection. I was about to get back on antidepressants but I chose to work with her instead. It was tough and raw but so worth it! Today my life is far better than I could imagine. My relationship with my partner is strong and my team recently nominated me for a leader award. Magdalena coaches leadership from the inside out.”

Media & Communications

What people frequently ask in their initial E-mail

How much will it cost?

I understand cost can be an issue.  When it comes to your life, well-being and success however asking about cost is the wrong place to start. It says ‘I’m not worth the best’ and ‘I don’t believe in myself’. But rest easy. I’ve devoted much effort to ensure that my work can serve people in all circumstances. Here how to get started today.

  • join my mailing list for insights, tips, inspiration and information,
  • freebies in the store,
  • working through one of my practical and life changing books,
  • buying an audio course,
  • doing an online course,
  • registering for a group teleclass,
  • working with one of my trusted associates,
  • working with me directly.

When it comes to helping you make time count, there will always be a way I can help you take that next step!

Are you the right coach for me?

I develop some of the most creative, ambitious and driven people irrespective of their present occupation, obstacles or past history. I also work with and in fact champion the proverbial “underdog”, the person others wrote off and gave up on. Sometimes that person is the client and why they are getting in touch.

My energy and interest sits with powerful journeys and transformations that celebrate the human spirit. I invest a huge amount of my energy into the coaching relationship. When you work with me, you become part of the make time count family. So it’s a huge commitment on both sides.

What will I need to do?

I bring and teach high expectations, strong work-ethic and discipline. I also bring oodles of unconditional love and positive regard for helping you see just how wonderful you are.

What I need from you is your:

  • willingness to work hard – even if it means you need me to kick you, prod you, charm you into it!
  • courage to be vulnerable and raw and trust you won’t be judged but instead experience acceptance
  • openness to learning and trying things that may make you gasp – it’s called being alive
  • commitment to practicing patience – this is tougher than you may think!
  • commitment to stretch your heart muscle even when the world our there makes it hard to do so
  • complete honestly so you own who you really are and practice living that.

Provided you can say yes to these – chances are we will make great magic together. My job is to guide you in the process of discovering yourself and helps you be and enjoy being your best self.

I've got a lot on so maybe it's best to wait?

What makes you think that things will ever change on their own?

Take a peace of paper and plot your last 3, 6, and 12 months. Notice what’s true for you. Are you growing or stuck? Does the pace reflect your ambition and talent? Is your life good? Bad? So-so?

When we’re caught in habitual ways of being, doing something different is downright impossible. This is why we need a coach.

So there are many reasons or excuses to put action off. But you are here for a reason! So do something to take charge of what happens in your life.

How quickly can we get started

We will begin right away as action is what coaching is all about. And sorry there are no freebies.

Final words

Price should never determine what you do or don’t do! You are beyond price. A great coach is also beyond price. You are never paying for their time or funding their life style. Coaching is a serious profession that takes continuous study, regular practice and ongoing commitment to personal growth. So if you want to play at the Carnegie Hall, work with the best you can afford.