Magdalena Bak-Maier - Make Time Count

Developing People and Organisations for Outstanding Results

MTC supports and develops professionals wanting to realise outstanding results at work or in personal life through increased self-awarness and strategies that balance results with well-being. All MTC work focuses on being true to self as this is the source of inspiration, power and satisfying results.

MTC’s unique approach combines scientific rigour with artful creativity and the latest in personal development. Every client receives individually tailored starting point evaluation and tracking tools based on established methodologies, on-going support, as well as access to special events and the MTC network.

At MTC we dare clients to be honest, set higher standards, act on it and inspire those around them to also step up. This is not easy. It’s not always comfortable. But it is real and effective. It builds clarity, conviction, confidence and inner resourcefulness. It helps people from different backgrounds and professions to create and sustain momentum to act. It develops inner wisdom and self-belief that empowers action. It’s a major shift. And, it’s great fun too!

Whether corporate or personal, MTC is development based on scientific approaches and a passion for the power and magnificence of the individual; great intuition married with in-depth personal or institutional analysis; optimism shaken with realism and spiked with enthusiasm and motivation for authenticity, excellence, results and success – not someday but today, right now!

Self-development is crucial for success and it’s important to make the right investment. MTC will help you reap amazing results because you will be working with and conditioning your whole self to act in peak state.


  • 1 to 1 Coaching

    Supports and develops professionals wanting to realise outstanding results at work or in their personal life
  • Working with Groups

    I work with companies, groups and teams interested in achieving top level results. Each project is individually tailored to meet the client’s needs and quick implementation is expected to achieve maximal results.

What People Say

  • My coaching with Magdalena were some of the most intense and influential periods of my life for which I am profoundly grateful. At each stage Magdalena was absolutely fantastic. Her criticism was direct, honest, passionate, often very funny but always absolutely spot-on. I was successfully funded for £1.6 million.
    Martyn, Professor
  • The Producer/Product system Magdalena worked through with me has been excellent at helping me learn to balance work and family requirements with my own well-being. It’s fantastic!
    Liz, Scientist
  • Before working with Magdalena I was stuck in a cycle of having great plans and dreams but not achieving results. Our work showed me what I was doing wrong and helped me focus on tangible actions. I am amazed at the results I have achieved in the last few months! Thank you!
    Mary, Entrepreneur
  • Since our meetings I manage time better, wrote and submitted two papers and a grant. Thanks for the push!
    Al, Research Scientist
  • Magdalena has provided incredible benefit to the social entrepreneurs she has worked with through us. Both as a coach, and as a leader of a session, her disarming manner and warm approach very quickly allow the people she works with to feel an impact from her work. Her insights and experience are immediately apparent, and we have been extremely lucky to be able to work with her.
    Ashoka UK, HR
  • The workshop provided me with a supportive learning environment to discover myself and explore the ways in which I interact with the outside world. Each module built on the previous one, leading to a deeper level of understanding.  I learned coaching techniques that can be applied in a business environment.  Coaching is an important leadership skill.
    Annelise, MA, Financial Services Vice President
  • Thank you very much for your support and encouragements. This means a lot to me! Our discussion was very constructive and allowed me to see the present situation in a different angle. Thanks!
    Marina, Academic Scientist
  • I very much enjoyed our discussions and being provoked to think in different ways.
    Head of Department